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Our mission before us, lest we get too caught up in presidential politics, is to register new democrats, support new candidates—especially local and statewide as well as congressional and senatorial. We must win control of our state house and state senate and replace Gosar and McSally. Call us at 928-753-0006.
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Our Mission: Build an official Democratic Party network in Mohave County to encourage a well informed electoate that supports our American values of justice, equality, and a fair standard of living for all.

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Arizona Primary Election
August 4, 2020

116 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes

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Kickin' it . . .


Each morning when I get up and check my FACEBOOK page the lump in my throat grows larger. As I sit here and read story after story about how our AZ Legislature continues to want to rape the funds that support our Public Education.

I read how our Tribal Lands and Indigenous people continue to be viewed as not relevant. How can we allow our State to say that Tribal IDs are not valid at polling places? That Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women are not at the top of the priority list.

I read over and over again about the people who are witnessing others that have to walk away from filling lifesaving prescriptions because the pharmaceutical companies just raised their rates. Or that yet another County has voted to become a Sanctuary 2A.

Those are just a few of the local ones. Do I dare start with what Trump has done today? I used to think what has he done lately? But, my gosh, we can't even get past a day.

I was sickened to see the Senate take party sides and vote against the very oath they took to uphold our Constitution. The past three years have been years like we have never witnessed before and the next 10 months are ours to win. The special treatment that was shown to Rush Limbaugh vs respect and admiration for Sondland or Vindman validates the war that we are in. We must not back down but take a hard stand that enough is enough and vote him out. We have to not let our own candidates discredit our party values. We need to rally behind each and every candidate in each and every race up and down the ballot.

When I get discouraged, tired and mad, I just get up, put on my proud Democrat hat and hit the door.

Thanks for all you're doing Mohave County! We are making a difference one day at time.

Respectfully yours,
Mary McCord Robinson

"Don't miss another election! Sign up to be on the Permanent Early Voting List & receive an early ballot for every election you are qualified to vote in! You can vote in the comfort & convenience of your own home—no traveling to your polling location or waiting in line!" — Mohave County Voter Registration

2020 Primary Candidates

Note: Peach Springs is part of Mohave County but is in Congressional District 1 and Legislative District 7. Their candidates are included in this list.

Note: Peach Springs is part of Mohave County but is in Congressional District 1 and Legislative District 7. Their candidates are included in this list.

● U.S. Senate CD-4

Mark Kelly (D)

Retired Astronaut

Retired Navy Officer


Gun Rights Activist

Mark Kelly (D)



Mark Kelly

● U.S. House of Representatives CD-4

Delina DiSanto (D)

Registered Nurse



David Brill

● U.S. House of Representatives CD-4

Stuart Starkey (D)

Principal, C.O. Greenfield School



Stuart Starkey

● U.S. House of Representatives CD-1

Tom O'Halleran (D)

Congressman CD1, Incumbent



Tom O'Halleran.jpg

● AZ Corporation Commission

Bridget Bellavigna (D)

U.S Navy Veteran




● AZ Corporation Commission

Bill Mundell (D)

Former Member, Corporation Commission




● AZ Corporation Commission

Anna Tovar (D)

Mayor of Tolleson, Arizona



Anna Tovar

● Kingman City Council

Sarah Ferry (NP)

Vice-Chair, Kingman Clean City Commission

Volunteer, Kingman Main Street

Small Business Owener


Sarah Ferry

● Kingman City Council

Jamie Stehly (NP)

Small Business Owener


Jamie Scott Stehly

Lest We Forget!

We the People of the United States,

● in Order to form a more perfect Union,

● establish Justice,

● insure domestic Tranquility,

● provide for the common defence,

● promote the general Welfare,

● and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity ,

do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

We are all at home all day so get the latest news with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Ballons 2018 - 2019

MCDCC Stands On
The DNC Platform

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We have petitons to sign.
Call us for details: 928-753-0006.


Outlaw Dirty Money

Legalize Marijuana


Mark Kelly (U.S. Senator)

Delina DiSanto (CD4 U.S. Representative )

Stuaet Starky (CD4 U.S. Representative )

Anna Tovar (Arizona Corporation Commission)

Bill Mundell (Arizona Corporation Commission)

Bridget Bellavigna (Arizona Corporation Commission)

Jack Ehrhardt (Supervisor District 4, Mohave County)

Beth Weisser( KUSD 20 School Board)

Sarah Ferry (Kingman City Council)

Jamie Stehly (Kingman City Council)


Action Groups

Help for Activists

Kindred Voices

We Recommend

Indivisible Kingman

Indivisible Kingman is a grassroots organization and a Democratic Party ally.

Kingman Area
Diversity Endeavor

The mission of the Kingman Area Diversity Endeavor (KADE) is to continually foster an environment of inclusion through respect and appreciation of differences. Our efforts will support these goals through action, outreach, and accountability.

Mohave LGBTQ+ Pride]

This is a resource page for members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies of Mohave County AZ. Here we will announce events, share stories and important information, and help build a strong, happy and healthy Queer Community.

Keep the House
Flip the Senate
Put America Back on Track

Election Day
November 3, 2020
207 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes

The Current

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All in-person MCDCC meetings, District meetings, and training have been cancelled. Meetings will be held on a virtual platform and listed as "Virtual, TBA". Contact your Chairs for details.


Lalek Havasu City

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Wednesday, April 15

Kingman Federation of Democratic Women



Wednesday, May 6

District 1


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Tuesday, April 14

District 2

Bullhead City

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District 3

Lake Havasu City

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Wednesday, May 13

Executive Committee


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Tuesday, May 5

5:30 pm


MCDCC PhoneBank Tuedsay

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Out of an abundance of caution, all canvassing and group phone banking events have been put on hold.

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Meeting Places


MCDCC Office, 212-B N. 5th Street

Calico's Restaurant, 418 W. Beale Street

Bullhead City

That Dam Diner, 3061 Hwy 95

El Palacio, 1885 Highway 95

Hope Methodist Church, 1325 Ramar Rd.

JP's Pub & Grille

2350 Miracle Mile, Suite 310

Lake Havasu City

Casa Serrano los Arteagas, 150 Swanson Ave.

Red Robin, 70 Swanson Ave.

Grace Episcopal Church, 111 Bunker Dr.

Mohave Democrats ● 212-B N. 5th Street ● Kingman, AZ ● 86401

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