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Congratulations to to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! Now we must turn our efforts to Georgia and help to elect Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnck to the U.S. Senate.
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Our Mission: Build an official Democratic Party network in Mohave County to encourage a well informed electorate that supports our American values of justice, equality, and a fair standard of living for all.

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United States Capitol
January 20, 2021
12:00 pm

The inauguration has begun

President Joseph Robinette Biden
Vice President Kamala Devi Harris 

Kickin' it . . .


Well that was an amazing Democratic Conventio!! While I would have loved to have participated in person the DNC did a great job of creating a successful remote convention. I was able to participate in several caucus sessions and nightly I joined the western region delegate's event, the Arizona delegate event, and then a nightly post- convention event. All of these events included so many guest speakers. I heard Congressman David Cicilline from New Jersey, Governor Deval Patrick from Massachusetts, Tom Perez, Julian Castro, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Corey Booker, Nancy Pelosi and many more. I wrote down a few quotes that I read every day; tough times don’t last but tough people do; we treat livestock better than people; empathy matters.

The clock is really ticking now and our voice is being heard but we still have work to do. I wear a Biden/Kelly/Biden-Harris/RedforED or some other political t-shirt every day. I have a Biden bumper sticker on my car and "anyone but trump" bumper sticker on my jeep. I'm not afraid of the right side but what I have found is there is a large number of Democrats that follow me down an aisle in the grocery store asking about my shirt and then wanting to know how they can volunteer. It's working. I had a lovely woman named Nancy stop in the office to tell me she has been a Republican her whole life but she will be voting for Biden! Made my day!!

We have the largest postcard mailer going out, over 18,000 will be mailed or hand delivered throughout Mohave County. All PCs should be helping out and we can always use additional volunteers to help address the postcards or anyone can donate a roll of postcard stamps. One roll is $35 and that covers 100 postcards. Thank you to all who have donated stamps or your time.

Campaign signs—this is my biggest complaint with campaign teams. Many campaigns do not believe signs get votes but I disagree. In our rural counties signs help reinforce that it is ok to be a democrat and it really does help with name recognition when they receive their ballots. Mohave County is on target to receive our first delivery of Biden-Harris signs within the next 2 weeks. Mark Kelly street signs will be going up in the next few weeks as well. If you would like to volunteer to put up the Kelly signs please call the office.

Our next MCDCC meeting is scheduled for September 16th. This meeting will be virtual and we will do our first reading of changes recommended for our bylaws. Please watch your email for details.

And finally, Ballots. Ballots will be mailed on October 7th and this to me is when the election really begins. I encourage everyone to fill out your ballot as soon as you receive them and drop them at your nearest early vote location. LHC library, BHC library and Kingman Senior Center. I feel confident that ballots will be mailed but I'mt not connfident that they will be received on time if mailed back in. Anyone can also drop their ballot off on election day at their voting location.

In closing, the office will be closed beginning Monday September 1st through September 14th. During this time the outside will be getting our brand new mural that represents our party and our county. The office phone will be forwarded to me so if I don't answer please leave a message and I will get back to you.

It's important that we continue to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Turn the TV off and stay off social media for a couple of hours every day. If you must go out, wear your mask, socially distance and wash your hands.


2020 Election Winners

Note: Peach Springs is part of Mohave County but is in Congressional District 1 and Legislative District 7. Their candidates are included in this list.

● U.S. Senate CD-4

Mark Kelly (D)

Retired Astronaut

Retired Navy Officer


Gun Rights Activist



Mark Kelly

● U.S. House of Representatives CD-1

Tom O'Halleran (D)

Congressman CD1, Incumbent



Tom O'Halleran.jpg

● AZ Senate, Legislative District 7

Jamescita Peshlakai (D)

State Senator LD7, Incumbent

Policy Director,

Arizona Foundation For Women

Liaison, The Navajo Nation

Veteran, U.S. Army


Jamescita Peshlakai

● AZ State House, Legislative District 7

Arlando Teller (D)

Program Manager

Department of Airports Management


 Arlando Teller

● AZ State House, Legislative District 7

Myron Tsosie (D)

School Board Member

Chinle Unified School District #24


 Myron Tsosie

● AZ Corporation Commission

Anna Tovar (D)

Mayor of Tolleson, Arizona



Anna Tovar

● Board, Kingman Unified School District

Beth Weisser (NP)


Retired Public School Teacherr



Beth Weisser

Lest We Forget!

We the People of the United States,

● in Order to form a more perfect Union,

● establish Justice,

● insure domestic Tranquility,

● provide for the common defence,

● promote the general Welfare,

● and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity ,

do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

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Indivisible Kingman is a grassroots organization and a Democratic Party ally.

Kingman Area
Diversity Endeavor

The mission of the Kingman Area Diversity Endeavor (KADE) is to continually foster an environment of inclusion through respect and appreciation of differences. Our efforts will support these goals through action, outreach, and accountability.

Mohave LGBTQ+ Pride]

This is a resource page for members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies of Mohave County AZ. Here we will announce events, share stories and important information, and help build a strong, happy and healthy Queer Community.

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All in-person MCDCC meetings, District meetings, and training have been cancelled.** Meetings will be held on a virtual platform and listed as "Virtual, TBA". Contact your Chairs for details.

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Wednesday, November 18

6:30 pm

Kingman Federation of Democratic Women


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Wednesday, November 4

6:30 pm

District 1


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Thursday, November 12

6:30 pm

District 2

Bullhead City

Rotary Park

Twednesday, November 4

6:30 pm

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Lake Havasu City

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Wednesday, November 4

6:00 pm

District 3

Lake Havasu City

Virtual, TBA

Wednesday, November 11

6:00 pm

Executive Committee


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Preident Joseph R. Biden
Vice President Kamala D. Harris

United States Capitol
Washingto D.C.
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
12:00 pm


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MCDCC Office, 212-B N. 5th Street

Calico's Restaurant, 418 W. Beale Street

Bullhead City

That Dam Diner, 3061 Hwy 95

El Palacio, 1885 Highway 95

Hope Methodist Church, 1325 Ramar Rd.

Lake Havasu City

Casa Serrano los Arteagas, 150 Swanson Ave.

Red Robin, 70 Swanson Ave.

Grace Episcopal Church, 111 Bunker Dr.

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